Here you can see what doctors, nurses and other members of the medical field have to say about the Labor Guard® Perianal Stabilizer and how it has helped their patients!

“One of my patients had terrible hemorrhoids after her first delivery and really wanted to avoid them with baby #2. The Labor Guard ® device was easy to use, unobtrusive during delivery, and most importantly…no hemorrhoids postpartum to recover from.”

Julie Harper | MD

“I am an L&D nurse who has used the device on numerous occasions. After personally witnessing one successful outcome after
another, I chose to use the Labor Guard® device during my own birth. I am now a happy customer as well and recommend your
product to all our patients. The Labor Guard® device really makes a difference in postpartum care.”

A. Gross | L&D nurse

“I wanted to thank you for introducing me to your novel product the Labor Guard® Perianal stabilizer. The fact that hemorrhoids
can develop in approximately 25% of all vaginal deliveries has been unaddressed for years.

The discomfort, cost and lifestyle changes that can accompany hemorrhoids is a true issue for women having children. Finally,
we have something to offer women to prevent this ongoing problem.

After reviewing your literature and being in-serviced on how to apply the Labor Guard ® device, I decided to use your product.
I am happy to report that not only has this exciting new product worked effectively, but patients are ecstatic with the
outcome. My patients felt this to be non-invasive, comfortable and unobtrusive during child birth. I have seen 100% efficacy
at this point.

Again, thank you for developing a novel and exciting product to prevent the occurrence of hemorrhoids. The Labor Guard ® Perianal
Stabilizer is a simple and remarkable new product. I wish your company great success.”

Daniel A. Burns | MD. FACOG

“Thank you for the opportunity to evaluate Stetrix Inc’s Labor Guard® Perianal Stabilizer. I just wanted you to know
that I have used the device now and believe the concept and design are right on target. To date, the device fits the patients
well and my outcomes have been great. My most recent patient appreciated the opportunity to try the device and was most
happy with the relief she obtained compared to her previous postpartum problems. The instrument does not interfere with
the natural birthing process nor add any obvious risk to the patient or her baby. I look forward to using the Labor Guard®
Perianal Stabilizer on additional patients and working with you in the future.”

Lance D. Whaley | MD. FACOG | Southhaven and Sardis, MS